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D&S Head Office Christmas party hosted by Managing Director Edward Davis as Santa Claus

The tradition of the D&S Christmas party is one that goes back at least forty years, though this year's event, a hybrid virtual and actual celebration enjoyed by over 800 staff across the Group, was unrecognizable from earlier celebrations.

However, the central themes of giving thanks and appreciating each other remained unchanged and it was a most enjoyable occasion. This year's main program was broadcast from the conference room at D&S Head Office and was hosted by MD Edward Davis, in character as Santa Claus, who welcomed the Group Chairman and CEO to give their addresses which included the well-established tradition of the Business Units of the Year awards.

The highlight of the program was the medley of staff entertainment including dances, songs, skits and spoken word performances, with contributions being made from across the Group. Staff also enjoyed a festive meal as they watched the programme, the virtual format providing greater inclusivity than the individually staged events of previous, pre-pandemic times.