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Product Manual launch 2022

The Davis and Shirtliff Product Manual is now a well-established reference for the wide D&S product range that defines industry standards in the water and energy markets. The Manual was introduced in2010 and has been annually updated ever since, the latest 2022 version, the 12th edition, being released at the recent Group Management Conference.

As usual there have been many new product introductions, notable additions being the Circ and Smart domestic inverter pumps to the Dayliff pump range, one of the widest available anywhere, several innovative new pumps from Pedrollo, many new Solar products with a focus on inverters as well as a new SunFridge range, various new Pool items including a wider chemical range, a number of new Water Treatment products with a focus on potable water solutions and expansion of the Irrigation range. One diversification is the introduction of Lawn Mowers, a useful accessory for our domestic customers.

As well as hard copies the Manual is available in flip book version on the Davis and Shirtliff website and there are also various other sources of product references, notably the D&S FLO App. Readers are encouraged to peruse the new Pump Manual edition to familiarise themselves with the many new product initiatives and copies are available on request throughout the D&S branch network, the thousands of available products offering ideal solutions to the many water and energy requirements of D&S's widespread customers.