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Dayliff SunTower Launched

For water supplies generally though particularly for solar pumping installations, water storage is an essential system component. Cost effective roto moulded tanks have now become the norm though tank support structures are usually made on site and are of variable quality and strength. To address this D&S has now launched SunTower, an engineered structure fabricated from high tensile steel sections that has been designed with a particular focus on simplified erection that will enable complete systems to be installed in a day.

Available for tank sizes up to 3000 litres and heights up to four metres, SunTowers have many innovative features for such a traditional item including very light weight, a galvanised finish so no painting is required, high level support structure for solar module mounting and partial pre-assembly. These towers complete the component set for a hand pump conversion and are destined to become a very common sight across the region.