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The newly installed smart irrigation system is pictured in action at the state of the art facility near Thika.

The M-pesa Foundation Academy is a ground-breaking worldclass co-educational residential high school in Thika, Kenya offering free education to talented but economically disadvantaged students from all over the country. Under Principal Les Baillie, who was one of the founding executives of Safaricom, the Academy has invested in extensive infrastructure including sports facilities comprising 7 playing fields on a 10-acre area.

D&S Irrigation division under Stephen Wambua has been commissioned to design a sustainable irrigation solution to keep the fields in peak condition throughout the year and recently installed an automated 120-piece Hunter pop-up sprinkler system which is powered by a series of Dayliff pumps via 21 smart control stations. One of the many innovative features of the system is that it can use water from recycled sources and so keeps operating expense as well as ecological impact to a minimum.