Internships Opportunities / Program

The Internship Program has been conceived to ensure that there is a steady supply of immediately employable people for the junior entry level positions where there is a continuous need. 

Unlike the attachment Program which targets university students who are not immediately available, candidates for the Internship Programme will be drawn from job applicants who meet usual employment criteria but for whom there is no immediate vacancy. 

No students will be eligible to join; only fully qualified applicants with the relevant qualifications may apply. 

Number of Interns
Will depend on departmental requirements. 

Interns will be given three month contracts (renewable only once) where either party can give a day’s notice to terminate the arrangement. They will be paid weekly according to the Staff Policy allowance for students on internship and be entitled to two day’s leave per month. No other benefits will be due. At the end of the contract a report will be completed by the supervisor regarding the suitability of candidate for employment.

The HR department will coordinate and manage the Program and all applications will be directed to them. 

When the intern reports for work, they will not go through an induction Program but rather be immediately assigned to a work station and given specific duties reporting to a manager. 

The Internship Program is seen as a reliable way of securing qualified staff who can be observed over a longer period of time. The Program will also be a Community Service as it will provide applicants with some work experience while waiting for a suitable job.

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