Frequently Asked Questions about Water Pumps, Borehole, Swimming Pools, Geberators etc...

Water pump is a key factor when you have a home and Davis & Shirtliff is here to give you the best water pump for home use as follows: -

  1. Dayliff DDP water pump
    The Dayliff DDP peripheral water pump is specially designed for all small scale domestic and commercial water supply uses. It is of high specification peripheral featuring copper windings, a high-capacity motor and stainless-steel housing inserts to ensure free impeller movement. The water pump body is manufactured from cast iron and impeller from brass.
    Pumps are closely coupled to reliable TEFC electric motors designed for continuous operation and are provided with a thermal cutout to protect against electrical overload. They can be connected directly to the main power supply through a 10A fuse or MCB.
  2. Dayliff DDP 50/65A water pump
    The DAYLIFF DDP range of water pumps are robust and efficient automatic pressure controlled peripheral impeller booster pumps suitable for domestic and small scale applications where on-demand water supply is required. The water pumps are self priming and are equipped with a diaphragm type pressure vessel and pressure control to provide fully automatic operation. DDP50A water pump incorporates mechanical pressure control start and stop while DDP65A water pump incorporates an electronic microprocessor that starts and stops the water pump automatically, provides dry running protection, auto re-start and controls cycling.

    Pump construction is a cast iron body with stainless steel insert on the wearing surface and brass impeller.
  3. Dayliff DDJ water pump
    The Dayliff DDJ Centrifugal jet type water pumps is specifically designed for all small scale domestic and commercial water supply uses. It features an integral ejector unit to provide highly effective self-priming performance.
    The pump body is made from cast iron, the ejector and impeller from engineering plastic.
  4. Dayliff DDC water pump
    The Dayliff DDC centrifugal non self priming closed impeller water pump is specially designed for all small scale domestic and commercial water supply uses and is particularly suited for water boosting and transfer applications.
    The pump body is cast iron and the impeller stainless steel.
  5. Dayliff DDG water pump
    The DAYLIFF DDG water pump is of single stage centrifugal impeller self priming design suitable for small scale irrigation, water boosting and water transfer applications. Materials of construction are stainless steel for the water pump body, shaft and back plate with the impeller made from polypropylene. The water pump is provided with a handle for easy portability and a priming screw and a drain plug.
    Also available is the ‘AutoPress’ automatic booster system which incorporates a 19L horizontal diaphragm tank, pressure switch and pressure gauge for automatic water pump operation.Dayliff
  6. DDS water pump.
    The Dayliff DDS water pump is of centrifugal single impeller non-self-priming design with a close coupled electric motor and the hydraulic end including the water pump body, back plate and impeller are made of 304 stainless steels. they are particularly suitable for drainage, agriculture and industrial application for slightly corrosive liquids or where a high level of liquid purity is required.
  7. Dayliff DDV60 water pump
    The Dayliff DDV well water pump is a unique design of submersible water pump specially applicable for water supply from domestic wells. The water pump is of positive displacement type using a vibrating diaphragm which is efficient and has the capacity to handle light silt loads of compact construction and robust design, the water pump is also easily disassembled for maintenance and is securely installed by suspension on a rope in the well.

    Pump construction is aluminum throughout, the diaphragm being made of rubber.
  8. Dayliff DDF water pump
    The DAYLIFF DDF fountain water pumps are designed for all applications involving the creative use of water. They include several features as follows. Water pumps are provided with corrosion proof plastic housing with easy clean foam pre-filter.High output water pump with specially designed impeller for improved solids handling capacity. Telescopic output tube with valve for spray adjustment and waterfall outlet.
    Supplied complete with various display jets for different display options and a 10m cable.
    The fountain pump offers the benefits of various display options powered by a robust and efficient pump and is ideal solutions for all small-scale fountain displays and garden water features
  9. Aquastrong Smart45
    Dayliff Aquastrong SMART45 is a highly innovative smart variable speed water boosting pump ideal for automatic pressurised water supply for houses, apartments, offices and other small-scale applications where reliable water supply is demanded, the variable speed technology providing constant pressure at varying water demand. Features include:-
  • Innovative inverter controlled variable speed technology that minimises energy consumption.
  • Optimised self-priming hydraulic design with that includes four-stage AISI304 stainless steel impellers, high-spec mechanical seal that accommodates dry-running and integral pressure and flow sensors.
  • Permanent magnet air cooled DC motor that features high efficiency with quiet (60dB) operation and inbuilt thermal overload and dry run protection.
  • Fully automatic operation with option of adjustable constant pressure settings that matches flow with demand and constant speed function that varies pressure with demand.
  • Easy to use LED control panel with display for operating mode, motor speed, operating pressure and various fault indicators.
  • Convenience features including adjustable inlet and outlet connectors for installation flexibility, inbuilt non-return valve and integral maintenance free 1L pressure tank.
  • 2-year guarantee.
  • GS certification in accordance with the EU Uniform EN and the German Industrial DIN Standards.

Dayliff Aquastrong SMART45 is an exceptionally advanced product that uses state-of-the-art inverter technology to provide the perfect solution for a complete water supply system in all domestic and residential water supply applications.