Giving back to local communities has been a commitment of Davis & Shirtliff since its founding in 1946...

The availability of water resources in Kenya has been decreasing over time because of persistent drought and land-use patterns.

The climate scenarios show that rainfall variability and increased evaporation due to higher temperatures will further decrease the availability of water. Rising temperatures and changing patterns of rain have also exacerbated the problem of disappearing wetlands and have increased food insecurity as a result of reduced crop yield. 

Samburu County being an already water-stressed county due to its location in the ASAL zone has experienced the impacts of climate change on its water and sanitation sector with greater severity and intensity. In partnership with ChildFund Kenya, the D&S #ImprovingLives Initiative has rehabilitated the Kula Mawe borehole, in Baragoi, Samburu County. The rehabilitation of the borehole has made it possible for the community to implement an Orange  Flesh  Sweet  Potato project in the community.  The solar-powered borehole will increase access to water for 12,000 people, including an ECD Centre adjacent to the borehole. In addition to this, the sweet potato farming project, which is already underway, will improve the nutrition status of over 17,200 children, youth, and women in the community.