Giving back to local communities has been a commitment of Davis & Shirtliff since its founding in 1946...

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Education Centre, known simply as OLPHEC, is home and school to 300 children aged from 0-23 from disadvantaged backgrounds.

These children come from all over Kenya. Most are orphans left by parents out of the scourge of HIV and from very needy families. Others have been placed there by impoverished families who cannot afford to feed their children while others have been made homeless by tribal conflicts.
The home is run by missionaries and is located in Narumoru, Nyeri County. The home approached D&S Nanyuki for the installation of solar water heaters as well as a solar-powered pump at their home. Traditionally, the home would heat their water using firewood, which was expensive and unsustainable. Through the #ImprovingLives Initiative. D&S Nanyuki installed 2 complete solar water heating systems and a 2.2kW solar pumping system. The home is now able to re-direct the money spent on firewood and water to more pressing needs for the children.