Giving back to local communities has been a commitment of Davis & Shirtliff since its founding in 1946...

Wamueni Secondary School is about 8km from Kitale town and almost 400km to Kenya’s capital. The school has 100 girls and 102 boys enrolled who are taught by 7 teaching staff. In their compound is a hand-dug well that serves the community,

as well as the Primary School that is adjacent. The well, throughout the years, has played a vital role in providing water to the locality. It has however also been posing a great risk to its users. The well was left dangerously open at the top to allow for the manual water-drawing mechanism of using a rope tied to a bucket. In addition to being hazardous, a lot of time was wasted while fetching water in this way, not to mention the frequent breakdowns. The #ImprovingLives Initiative, through Davis & Shirtliff Kitale, have donated and installed a Dayliff Sunflo A 270H solar-powered pumping system. The pumping kit is a complete solution supplied with a controller, solar panels, and steel support structure for smaller-scale applications. The donation of the solar pumping system will not only save time but also ensure smooth operations within the school and most importantly, remove the risk that was formerly attached to fetching water. As their contribution to the project, the school put up a storage tank, strategically positioned for both primary and secondary use.