Giving back to local communities has been a commitment of Davis & Shirtliff since its founding in 1946...

Water has often been rightly described as the integral ingredient of life and at Davis and Shirtliff, all efforts have been made to improving the quality and management of this precious resource.

Through the #ImprovingLives Initiative launched in 2020, the company and its partners have implemented 295 water projects across the region, improving 658,000 lives in the process. The availability of clean water is known to transform societies in terms of health, education, and economic prosperity and for this reason, World Water Day is observed annually by the UN in order to highlight the importance of sustainably managed freshwater. In commemoration of World Water Day 2021, the D&S #ImprovingLives initiative has solarized a water project in Kunchu community, Kajiado County that will benefit over 1,800 community members and particularly women who previously had to walk 34kms to access safe water for their daily use. The handing over of the water project was celebrated in a colorful ceremony, captured on video and available to view here.