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Davey Torrium II


Super Smart Pump Controller

Manufactured by Davey

KSh 41,760

Price is inclusive of 16% VAT

Torrium II is a technology leading on-demand pump controller that includes many unique features in a compact, robust, easy to install unit. Control is effected through a corrosion and scale resistant stainless steel plate that senses flow and pressure in the water stream, assisted by an in-built spring loaded pressure reservoir which reduces cycling. These signals are transmitted to an intelligent microprocessor that monitors and adapts pump operation according to demand and environmental conditions providing the following control functions

  • System cut-out at low flow and cut-in at 80% of the cut-out pressure providing constant, even pressure flow.
  • Dry run protection including sequential automatic re-start function.
  • Water leakage detection which minimises pump cycling.
  • High current shutdown and low voltage INDICATION.
  • High water temperature protection and automatic restart below 600C.
  • LED operation and fault INDICATOR providing simple interpretation of operating status.
  • Built in sacrificial varistor to protect against electrical power surges.
  • Selectable vertical and horizontal delivery outlets.

Torrium II is manufactured entirely from corrosion proof reinforced nylon. Its unique features and exceptionally robust design offers many advantages over alternative controllers integrating all functions necessary for small pump control into one compact unit that eliminates the need for any other protection. Its simplicity, reliability and effectiveness make it the most sophisticated controller available for all small flow pumped water supply installations.


Torrium II is designed to screw directly onto the delivery outlet of the pump and accommodate the full delivery flow. It can be fitted to both dry booster pumps with positive or negative suctions and to submersible pumps with closed head pressures less than 4.5Bar and and both vertical and horizontal delivery options are available.

Operating Conditions
Pumped Liquid Thin, clean chemically non-aggressive liquids, containing no solids or fibres
Power Supply 240V, 50Hz
Enclosure Class IP56
Operating Water Temperature Range +1C to +70C
Maximum Ambient Temperature +50C
Maximum Rated Flow 12m3/hr
Maximum System Pressure 7 Bar
Pump Shut Off Pressure Range 1.5 - 4.5Bar

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