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  • DG PED Mini Booster pump

DG PED Mini Booster pump


Manufactured by Pedrollo

KSh 123,192

Price is inclusive of 16% VAT

Pedrollo DG PED is an advanced integrated automatic water pressurizing system designed for domestic and small scale water supply applications. The high efficiency self-priming pump is inverter controlled and the system is provided with an inbuilt pressure vessel and electronic control that regulates performance and also provides various protective functions.

Particular features are:-

  • Compact easy-to-install low noise booster system that provides constant pressure at fluctuating demand rates. The pressure setting is adjustable between 1-5.5Bar (factory set 3Bar).
  • Fully automatic control with protection for low voltage, electrical overload and dry running.
  • Suitable self-priming capabilities.
  • Can be installed anywhere including unventilated spaces due to water cooled pump design.
  • Expandable systems available through parallel unit operation.
Pedrollo DG PED has many advantages over conventional water boosting systems due to its compactness, efficiency and advanced control and monitoring features. It is thoroughly engineered to the usual high Pedrollo standards and once installed will provide a seamless water supply over many years of reliable operation.

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