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  • Davey 5265H Engine pumps

Davey 5265H Engine pumps


Manufactured by Davey

KSh 227,012

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The Davey 5 Series Engine Pumps are innovative high performance products that have been specially developed to meet the wide-ranging requirements for water supply including irrigation and fire fighting. With the benefit of many years experience in the production of high-pressure engine pumps, Davey has engineered a completely new and highly advanced design incorporating a number of unique features in a robust pump that outperforms any equivalent alternative.

Consider the features:-

  • Large capacity pump casings providing highly effective self-priming performance.
  • Large priming and drain ports with twist-action bayonet type plugs for simple use and safety.
  • Multiport discharge heads with convenient integral lifting handle.
  • Patented clamped impeller design for improved efficiency and easy obstruction removal. Impellers also feature floating seal rings and thrust balancing for extended pump life and optimal performance in the most arduous of operating conditions.

The available models are powered by Honda petrol engines and are provided with closed impellers in either single or two stage configuration. Normal maximum suction lift is 7m (at sea level) though all versions are suitable for deep well and borehole applications using an ejector kit. In this configuration the pumps can be used for suction lifts of up to 50m and are particularly suited for small scale water supply from isolated boreholes and wells where mains power is unavailable. Principle pump components including the casing, impeller and diffusers are made from epoxy powder coated marine grade aluminium for corrosion resistance, strength and durablility.


Pumped liquid: Thin, clean, chemically non-aggressive liquids containing no solids or fibres.
Max. Liquid Temperature: +50°C
Max. Ambient Temperature: +40°C
Max. Suction Lift : 7m (at sea level)

Note that performance curves relate to the engine governor set at full throttle and the maximum rated power output at sea level. To prolong engine life pumps should only be run under maximum power conditions for short periods and for extended continuous duty the throttle setting should be reduced to approximately 3/4 maximum or 3000rpm. Pump performance will then be reduced accordingly.

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