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  • Dirrijet A 3/4" PVC Impact Sprinkler

Dirrijet A 3/4" PVC Impact Sprinkler


Quality Sprinklers

Manufactured by Dayliff

KSh 501

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Dayliff Dirrijet range of impact sprinklers are efficient and robust products designed to meet varied irrigation requirements in agricultural and landscape applications. They are available in sizes from ½” to 1½” in two ranges,

Dirrijet A up to 1" for lighter duties and Dirrijet B 1¼” and 1½” high output rain guns. Dirrijet A are simple 360o double nozzle sprinklers with 10 and15 sizes being made from engineering plastic and 25 from brass. Features including a friction collar and trip lock.

Dirrijet B are high specifications rain guns, suitable for adjustable radius of operation up to full circle 3600 and provided with an adjustable jet-breaker for uniform water distribution. Size 35 is single nozzle, size 40 twin nozzle and nozzle diameters are changeable for different applications with three nozzle sizes provided as standard.

ModelSizeNozzlePressure (bar)Flow(m3/hr)Jet Radius (m)Irrigated Area (m2)Rainfall (mm/hr))
Dirrijet A-101/2"
Dirrijet A-153/4"
Dirrijet A-251"

Hunter Sprinklers
Inlet Size 1/2"
Minimum Spray Radius, m 4.6
Maximum Spray Radius, m 5.8
Maximum flow (l/min) 22
Recommended Pressure Range, Bar 1 - 3
Operating Pressure, Bar 2.1
Arch adjustment 45 - 360deg
Pop-Up Height, mm 100

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