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  • ECOSAVR 210ml Liquid Pool Cover

ECOSAVR 210ml Liquid Pool Cover


Pool Heat Saver

Manufactured by Dayliff

KSh 812

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The greatest source of heat loss in a swimming pool is evaporation and its minimisation can raise pool temperatures 2-3 C, which is simply achieved by placing an impermeable membrane on the pool surface. This is conventionally done using a pool cover, though Heatsavr is a new and highly effective alternative solution that creates a 'liquid blanket' on the surface of swimming pools and spas replacing the need for a cover. It is a nontoxic, biodegradable and completely safe liquid that is totally invisible on the surface of the pool and has no detrimental effect to the water quality.

Heatsavr is simply applied using the 'Ecosavr' dispenser, each one covering approx 35m2 of a pool surface areafor a month. The liquid is dispensed by snipping the 'fish' fin and placing it on the pool floor, the liquid being slowlyreleased over the period.

Heatsavr is a specially formulated liquid which is lighter than water and floats on the pool surface. The particles are charged to link together to form a perfect thin layer only one molecule thick over the entire pool surface and are so small that they freely pass through the pool filter. When the water is disturbed by swimmers the molecules break apart and then naturally reform when the surface settles leaving an impermeable layer that limits evaporation.

Heatsavr really is a revolutionary product that does the job of a pool cover but removes the disadvantages of unsightliness and the need for removal for pool use. It is the perfect solution to raising pool temperatures simply, effectively and efficiently and making all pools enjoyable throughout the year.

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