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  • Dayliff Seko AML 200 Dosing pump

Dayliff Seko AML 200 Dosing pump


Dosing pump

Manufactured by Dayliff

KSh 63,104

Price is inclusive of 16% VAT

Dayliff Seko Kompact chemical dosing pumps are high specification products for the accurate dosage of a wide range of chemicals in general water treatment and industrial process applications. They are of positive displacement diaphragm type with microprocessor based magnetic solenoid motors.

All pumps feature corrosion-resistant PVDF-T for the pump heads (with manual priming), PTFE diaphragms, FPM seals and ceramic ball valve for universal chemical resistance. The pumps are also supplied with complete installation kits including foot valve, mounting screws, injection valve, 2m PE delivery tube, 4m PVC suction and bleeding tube and a wall mounting bracket.

Max Flow: 5l/hr at 8Bar
Max Stroke Rate: 160/min
Input Voltage: 240 VAC/50 Hz
3l/hr at 5Bar V Stroke: 0.52cc
Input Power: 14W
Connections: 4/6 mm
Ingress Protection: IP65

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