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  • Midas Aurel 3KW Pool Pump

Midas Aurel 3KW Pool Pump


Midas Aurel 3KW Pool Pump

Manufactured by Dayliff

KSh 484,416

Price is inclusive of 16% VAT

The Dayliff Aurel range of high flow pool pumps are specially designed for large swimming pool applications. Features include flanged connections and large suction side pre- filter which together with efficient hydraulic performance ensures high filtration capacity. The integral pre-filter is fitted with a transparent polycarbonate cover with secure easy release, four stud clamp arrangement and a broad base provides for a stable mounting. Pre-filter and pump body, pump base and cover are made of GRP reinforced polypropylene and the impeller from Noryl ensuring total resistance to corrosion and pool chemicals. The pump shaft is AISI 316 stainless steel. Pumps are supplied complete with counter flanges.

The pump is coupled to a super quiet TEFC asynchronous motor with external ventilation. It should be provided with a remote DOL starter according to local regulations.

Enclosure Class:IP55
Insulation Class: F
Voltage: 3x415V
Speed: 1450rpm

Pumped Liquid: Thin, clean non chemically aggressive liquid, without solid particles or fibres
Max. Fluid Temperature: 40°C
Max. Ambient Temperature: 40°C
Max. Suction: 7m (at sea level)


ModelPower (kW)Current (A)Intlet/Outlet (")Dimensions(mm)Weight (kg)
AUREL 336.9459081837030044.5
AUREL 448.883853.4
Enclosure Class IP55
Voltage 1X240V
Insulation Class F
Speed 2800rpm
Operating Conditions
Pumped Liquid Thin, clean, chemically non-aggressive liquids, without solid particles or fibres.
Maximum Fluid Temperature +50C
Maximum Ambient Temperature +40C
Pump Information
Model Euroswim SPP 150M
Power (kW) 1.1
Dimensions (mm) - E 274
Current (A) 7
Dimensions (mm) - G 150
Dimension(mm) - DN1 2"
Dimension(mm) A 581
Dimension(mm) B 311
Dimension(mm) H 353
Dimensions (mm) - H2 350
Dimensions (mm) - H1 258
Dimensions (mm) - F 220
Weight (kg) 12

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