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Ultrafiltration is a well established technology used for the removal of particulates and macromolecules from raw water to produce potable water. Using a single Memcor submerged hollow fibre membrane; the FilterSAFE provides a standalone lightweight, sustainable and low cost water filtration system. Raw water flows through thousands of tiny hollow fibres in the filter membrane before being forced through the walls of the fibre to produce a filtrate virtually free of suspended solids and pathogens. It is quick to set up, is easy to operate and does not require replacement filters, power nor chemicals. All operations are simple and manual. The FilterSAFE can be installed to operate as a single standalone unit or multiple units installed in parallel for higher volume water treatment requirements. The sanitising and cleaning procedure to remove contaminates from the filter module is simple and easy to carry out by agitating the cleaning handle on top of the unit. This shakes the contaminants free from the fibres leaving them clean and ready for fresh use.

The FilterSAFE is not designed to remove salt or dissolved chemicals and minerals from water. If these contaminates are present at high or unsafe levels the water may not be suitable for filtering and drinking. Testing for unsuitable contaminates should be undertaken prior to the use of the Aquasentry.

In addition to removal of turbidity, the FilterSAFE will remove bacteria, viruses, protozoa, cysts and parasites. In cases of high turbidity levels, more regular cleaning cycles will be required. Other featuresinclude;

  • Produces approximately 12,000 litres of clean drinking water per day. Option of smaller units, 6000 litres per day available on request.
  • Simple backwash mechanism employed
  • Effectively filters most non-saline surface and ground waters
  • No technical skills needed for setup, operation or maintenance
  • Gravity fed under low water pressure (operates best at tank height of 3-4m)
  • Can be used for short term or long term applications
  • Can be used as standalone unit or configured into multi-unit banks
  • Totally sustainable and offers long service life

FilterSAFE is an affordable, single solution for providing high quality drinking water in all remote locations.

Capacity: Min 400ltr/hr, Max 1000ltr/hr
Raw Water Quality: Max. turbidity - 50NTU, Temperature- 0-350C, pH-6-9
Dimensions (cm): 143x18x25
Weight: Dry 13kgs, Operating 32kgs

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