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Grundfos POOLFlex Solar Swimming Pool Pump Datasheet
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The Grundfos POOLFlex is a unique DC Solar powered pool pump principally for use in applications where mains supply is unavailable. The robust glass filled ­­thermo plastic high flow pump end features a large quick release line strainer and clear strainer cover and is coupled to the advanced Grundfos MG Flex variable frequency motor that offers the following features:-
  • Runs at varying speeds depending upon the energy input available.
  • Can be used for DC or AC power supply and can therefore be connected to either PV solar modules, a standby AC generator or mains power supply as required
  • Utilises Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology that continuously optimises speed according to input power.
  • Built in protection for under and over voltage and system overload. No additional protection is therefore required.
  • One set of terminals included for additional control functions.
The pump can be fitted to different solar module power inputs, daily flow being determined by the total module output.
The Grundfos PoolFlex renewable energy pool pumping system is efficient, reliable and cost effective and is an ideal solution for all off grid pool pumping requirements.
The pump is connected to an MG Flex 2 pole variable frequency drive (VFD) induction motor. The VFD controller is attached to the motor and can accommodate a wide voltage range. It also offers over and under voltage, overload and over temperature protection.
Power Input: 70 - 1250W
Max Current: 5A
Voltage: 110 - 415VDC /1x220 - 240V AC 50/60Hz
Motor Speed: 1000-3400rpm
Enclosure: IP54
Insulation Class: F
Options of the IO50 manual solar powered unit and the IO101 solar/generator flex unit are available. The IO101 controls supply to the pump from either source and automatically switches to solar power when the AC source is disconnected.
POOLFlex should be powered by proprietary Photo Voltaic solar modules connected in arrays to provide the power required. Arrays should be connected in series to provide at least 110VDC to the motor.
Pumped Liquid: Thin, clean, non-aggressive liquids not containing fibres or particles.
Liquid Temperature Range: 00C- +400C
Max Ambient Temperature: - + 400C
Max Input Pressure: - 2.5Bar

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