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DAB Leader EuroSwim Variable Speed Pool Pump Datasheet
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DAB E.Swim are latest technology variable speed swimming pool pumps designed for all domestic and small institutional applications. Features include:

  • A brushless permanent magnet water cooled inverter controlled motor for high efficiency and super quiet operation
  • Large pre-filter with quick release lid and transparent cover to monitor debris collection
  • Corrosion free fiberglass reinforced technoplastic construction
  • Pump mounted control touchpad with digital readout of operating status
  • One size suitable for all pool capacities up to 200m capacity

Variable speed pool pumps provide greatly improved swimming pool water quality by enabling extended water recirculation periods with minimal energy consumption and high flows in periods of high usage. DAB E.Swim pumps are leading technology pumps that provide much improved pool water quality with low energy consumption and high reliability.


The pump has an inbuilt controller which is fitted with soft key pads for ease of use. Key functions include;

  • Four pre-set speeds/flows with manual adjustment for other speeds
  • Daily/weekly timer settings for auto operation
  • Quick clean function for filter backwash
  • LED indicators for Warning/Alarm, Power On and Pump Running
  • LCD display showing operating parameters

Enclosure Class: IPX5              

Voltage: 1x240V             

Insulation Class: F

Pumped liquid: Thin, clean highly aggressive water with high percentage of chlorine and bromine with
suspended solid debris or long fibres
Maximum Liquid Temperature:+400C
Maximum Ambient Temperature:+500C

Maximum Suction Lift: 7m (at sea level)

Noise Level: <50dBA





Speed Watts Current(A)





3 85%-3825rpm 833 3.5
2 70%-3150rpm 513 2.1
1 50%-2250rpm 221 1.0

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