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Dayliff DPL 550 Swimming Pool Pump Datasheet
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The DAYLIFF DPL range of swimming pool pumps are quiet running and reliable products suitable for all domestic pool applications. All models feature a large strainer basket with easy-open transparent cover and connecting unions and all hydraulic components are made from high strength glass reinforced corrosion resistant polypropylene for long life. Fixed and variable speed model options are available, variable speed providing three pre-set speed options for reduced energy consumption in periods of low pool usage.

DPL 550/750/1100 Fixed Speed - Asynchronous two pole TEFC motor designed for continuous duty and provided with built-in thermal overload protection. Motors can be connected directly to the mains power supply through a 10A fuse of MCB.

DPL 1100 VS Variable Speed - Asynchronous motor fitted with an inbuilt frequency converter to provide three preset operating speeds at 100%, 80% and 50% of maximum as well a fractional speed adjustment facility down to 30%. Intelligent protection from overvoltage, under voltage, overload and short circuit is also provided for extended motor life. The motor is also suitable for 50&60Hz frequency supply.

Motor control is through an easy to operate control module on the pump which provides various control options and digital speed indication.

All motors can be connected directly to the mains electrical supply through a 10A MCB or switch fuse.

Insulation Class: F                            Enclosure Class: IP55                      Voltage: 1x240V

Pumped Liquid: Thin, clean non-chemically aggressive liquid without solid particles or fibers
Max. Fluid Temperature: 600C
Max Ambient Temperature: -100C - +400 C


Model Speed     (rpm) Power        (kW) Current (A) Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
DPL 550



0.55 4.2














DPL 750 0.75 5.3 14
DPL 1100 1.1 7.4




DPL 1100VS

100%/3500 1.6 9



80%/2850 0.9 5.5
50%/1800 0.3 2.2

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