Clarence House Apartments Heat Pumps

One of the great additions to a swimming pool is heating. This can be achieved using Dayliff Heat Pumps. A Cold swimming pool is ultimately an unused one. Heat Pumps utilise energy from two sources, heat from the ambient air and electrical power to run a compressor in a reverse refrigeration cycle, the compression process extracting heat from the ambient air for transfer to the pool water. The heaters are highly efficient operating at a co-efficient of performance (COP), which is the ratio of energy output to direct energy input, of 4-6 units depending upon the environmental conditions. They are therefore very economical to run compared with fossil fuel alternatives though a pool cover must be used to ensure maximum heat retention.

Davis & Shirtliff westlands branch recently installed Dayliff heat pumps for Clarence house apartments on the rooftop pool located at Cloud nine hotel westlands. Pictured is branch manager Benedict Kutu during the commissioning.

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