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  • Dayliff Smart RO

Dayliff Smart RO


Dayliff Smart RO

Manufactured by Dayliff

KSh 54,230

Price is inclusive of 16% VAT


A five-stage water treatment purifier suitable for treating water from clean municipal sources or borehole water for under sink installation that includes:

  • Output 1,800L/day,
  • Three-stage sediment & carbon cartridge pre-treatment with easy to replace cartridges and LED replacement reminder.
  • Reverse osmosis purification using Hidrotek membranes with up to 50% recovery.
  • Post Carbon stage for water conditioning.
  • Supplied complete with 24VDC diaphragm pump
  • Compact tankless design for installation within minimal space.
  • Two outlet options – RO water and pre-treated water.
  • Operating Parameters: Chlorine level <0.2ppm, TDS<250ppm, Water Temperature 5°-45° C

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