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  • SCALA2



Electronic Pressure Pump

Manufactured by Grundfos

KSh 136,648

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Grundfos SCALA2 is a fully integrated compact self-priming water supply system for pressure boosting in domestic applications. It incorporates adjustable variable speed technology so constant pressure is delivered irrespective of demand and can be used in boosting applications from the mains, from tanks and from wells. Particular features include:-

  • Self-priming water cooled multistage pump that is exceptionally efficient and quiet in operation (>45dBA).
  • Integrated speed controller, pressure tank, sensors and no-return valve incorporated in the compact housing.
  • Gives exceptional performance with constant pressure provided in residential buildings up to three stories and 8 taps.
  • Simple to install and operate, very compact and suitable for inside or outside installation without ventilation.In-built current and temperature motor and dry-run protection.
  • Constructed almost entirely of high strength corrosion free composite for long life.
  • Simple to use control pad with pressure adjustment and alarm indicator lights.

SCALA2 is an extremely high technology product that provides exceptional performance and once installed is entirely unobtrusive in its operation. It is an ideal solution for consistent and reliable pressurised water supply in the majority of domestic installations.


Scala2 is close coupled to an integral water-cooled motor incorporating current and temperature motor protection. The pump can be connected directly to the mains electrical. The pump can be connected to the mains electrical supply through 10amps or MCB.

Enclosure Class:X4D
Insulation class: F


Pumped liquid: Thin, clean non-aggressive liquid
Max. Working Pressure: 10bar
Max. inlet Pressure: 6bar
Liquid Temperature: 450C
Ambient Temperature: 550C

Operating Conditions
Pumped Liquid Thin, clean, chemically non aggressive liquids without solid particles or fibres
Liquid Temperature 45C
Maximum Inlet Pressure 6Bar
Maximum working pressure 10bar
Ambient Temperature 55
Pump Information
Power (kW) 0.55
Current (A) 2.8
Inlet / Outlet 1"
Weight (kg) 10

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