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Manufactured by Pedrollo

KSh 80,388

Price is inclusive of 16% VAT

The Pedrollo D range of centrifugal submersible drainage pumps are specifically designed to operate in waste water containing relatively large amounts of impurities. D series is fitted with open impellers for lighter duties and is most suitable for draining flooded areas while BC series is fitted with a double channel impeller for pumping of liquids containing suspended solids and short fibres.

Construction is epoxy electrocoated cast iron pump body and stainless steel motor housing. D series models are fitted with Noryl plastic impellers and stainless steel intake screens, BC models are fitted with cast iron impellers. 5m of Neoprene cable is supplied for single phase and 10m for three phase models. All single phase models are provided with an external float switch to automatically control pump operation.


Pumps are provided with built-in liquid cooled non-overloading induction motors designed for continuous operation. A thermal cut-out is provided in the motor windings to protect against pump overload and the pump can be connected directly to the mains power supply through a 10amp fuse or MCB

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