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  • Dayliff Treated Water Dispenser

Dayliff Treated Water Dispenser


Premium Water Treatment Equipment

Manufactured by Dayliff

KSh 24,940

Price is inclusive of 16% VAT

Treated Water Dispenser

An integrated water dispenser that provides four stage water purification for lightly silted municipal water and heated and cooled output. Features include:

  • Three stage sediment and carbon cartridge pre-treatment
  • Reverse Osmosis purification • Inbuilt booster pump and storage tank
  • 550W heater to provide hot water on demand at temperature 85 -95 C at 5L/hr
  • 68W electron cooler to provide cold water at temperature 5 -10 C at 2L/hr
  • Cartridge change reminder with alarm function and user friendly interface
  • Combined output is 10L/hr, Chlorine level<0.2ppm, TDS <800ppm, Water Temperature 0 5-45 C, Water Pressure 1-5bar

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