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  • Sollatek Avs 30A

Sollatek Avs 30A


Premium Power Protection

Manufactured by Sollatek

KSh 8,816

Price is inclusive of 16% VAT

Sollatek are industry leaders in power protection equipment that prevents damage to electrical equipmentfrom power fluctuations. The controllers monitor the incoming power supply and when outside pre-set limits disconnect the equipment, reconnecting on return of normal power after a start-up delay to protect against damaging power-back surges. The controllers are fitted with LED lights indicating the power status and installation couldn't be simpler . All Sollatek units offer complete and reliable protection against the damage caused by fluctuating power and are essential accessories for all environments where there is a risk of inconsistent power supply.

Switch Information
Max Load 30A Single Phase
Reconection time User adjustable upto 10mins
Protection High voltage, Low voltage, Power Back surges, Surges/Spikes, Lightning
Applications All electrical and electronic equipment,Complete Office and home wire connected.
Dimensions & Weights
Dimension(mm) L 230
Dimension(mm) W 134
Dimension(mm) H 54
Weight (kg) 0.6

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