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  • Dayliff 20W Pathway Streetlight

Dayliff 20W Pathway Streetlight


Quality Streetlight

Manufactured by Dayliff

KSh 24,650

Solar Powered street lighting is the modern solution to both municipal and private estates, though the lights have many other applications including factory yards, car parks and school compounds where night time illumination is required for vision or security. The reliable LED lamps are highly efficient using about 5% of the power of traditional incandescent alternatives as well as offering greatly extended life due to the much reduced operating temperatures. Recognising these benefits Dayliff Solar street lights are available in Modular and All-in-One configurations and are specially engineered to provide a reliable, effective and long life lighting solutions.

A perfect integral lamp solution for smaller scale lighting requirements including pathways, compounds and yards. The lamp unit, battery and controller are in one unit that is provided with a mounting bracket for easy site installation on a wall or a pole. A separate solar panel is provided with a mounting on top of the lamp unit providing adjustment for optimal solar position. Specifications includes:

  • Option of 10W/ 20W LED light intensity bulbs
  • Integral 6.4V, 12000mAh/18000mAh lithium ion battery built into the lamp housing for 10W/20W lamps respectively.
  • Intelligent controller with MPPT technology that provides 30% faster charging and automatic operating sensing at dusk and dawn
  • Separate swivel base solar panels with the option of lamp or remote mounting giving installation flexibility
  • The lamp unit is arm mounted with an end bracket incorporated for flexibility of installation

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