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  • Grundfos SolR Inverter RSI 5500 - 5.5KW

Grundfos SolR Inverter RSI 5500 - 5.5KW


Solar Inverter

Manufactured by Grundfos

KSh 317,300

Recent innovations in DC/AC inverter technology have led to the development of solar solutions for large system outputs, which use standard AC motors controlled by specially designed inverters. Grundfos RSI inverter systems have been re-engineered and improved and are especially compatible with a wide range of the world renowned Grundfos Submersible and surface pumps to create a modular system that can be customized to the requirements of each installation. Specific features include:-

  • Suitable for all AC 3 phase motor sizes.
  • Designed for all Grundfos SP pump models and can be retrofitted to existing installations.
  • Advanced MPPT capability that optimizes system performance by compensating for environmental conditions improving water output by 30%.
  • Set-up wizard that is pre-programmed with Grundfos motors making it easy to set up or preprogramme at the workshop before installation.
  • Hybrid capability with the option of switching between AC or DC power ensuring that the pump can be operated at any time of day. An external switch over the box is required to connect the two power sources
  • Adjustable operating parameters.
  • Multiple sensor input.
  • PowerAdapt controller available as an option for power blending where it uses solar power as primary source and tops up any deficit power from connected AC power supply to create a constant power output.

The controller offers the following control functions:-

  • Detachable control interface.
  • Settable minimum and maximum frequency and open-circuit voltage.
  • Display of operating parameters including frequency, voltage, amperage, input power, and pump speed.
  • Display of historical data including energy generation, maximum power and operating times.
  • Protection against over and under voltage, over current, system overload and module over temperature.
  • Fault detection with error code display.

As a rule, all PV-powered solar pumping systems should be provided with a solar module array with a nominal output about 30% greater than the motor size. The arrays should be wired in a combination of series and parallel connections to ensure that the correct voltage is available in to the inverter. It is important that the connection arrangement is approved by the pump supplier.

Ambient Temperature: -10°C - +60°C
Relative Humidity: 100%

Enclosure Class: IP66
Frequency: 5-60Hz


ModelMotor Power (kW)Solar Input Power (kW)Max DC Input Voltage (VDC)Min. MPP Voltage (VDC)Output Current (A)Dimensions (mm)PowerAdapt
LWHWeight (kg)Current(A)Dimensions LXWXHWeight(kg)
RSI00333.98004008315191214916    500x250x53023
RSI2202228.64672 640x300x63034


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