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  • SO-SAFE Dual Filter with Dallas UV

SO-SAFE Dual Filter with Dallas UV


Premium Water Treatment Equipment

Manufactured by So~safe

KSh 58,464

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Where there is risk of viral or bacteriological contamination treatment by Ultra Violet is the effective way to ensure safe, pure water. Ultra Violet is a well established and effective technique for water sterilization, the water passing through an enclosed chamber where it is exposed to Ultra Violet light. This process protects against legionella, salmonella and salmonellatyphosa, faecal coliform, staphylococcus, bacteriophage, e-coli, influenza, poliomyelitis, hepatitis, streptococcus anddysentery bacilli and is a simple and economical method for providing clean potable water.

The Dallas Plus UV sterilizer provides treatment for small flow rate domestic applications. UV sterilization is carried outinside a specially designed chamber, a separately mounted control module being provided for connection of the unit to thepower source. The unit is designed for in-line connection to the water supply, with hose connectors and wall brackets forsimple and convenient under-sink installation. It is recommended for use with a dual multibody for sediment and activatedcarbon filtration pre-treatment.

Technical Specifications
Model Dallas Plus UV
Max Flow Rate (L/Hr) 200
Maximum Temperature (C) 35
Maximum Operating Pressure (Bar) 4
UV Lamp - Size (W) 9
UV Lamp - Dose (mW sec/sq. cm ) 50000
Lamp Life (hrs) 10000
SO-SAFE Dual Filter with Dallas UV

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