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  • Dayliff 6-Stage Mini RO - 200litres/day Complete with AVS 13

Dayliff 6-Stage Mini RO - 200litres/day Complete with AVS 13


Premium Water Treatment Equipment

Manufactured by Dayliff

KSh 39,504

Price is inclusive of 16% VAT

The Dayliff Mini RO (Reverse Osmosis) is also known as an Undersink RO since it can fit conveniently under a normal sink in any house. It utilizes reverse osmosis technology to produce totally pure water from both borehole and municipal / city council water sources. Specification includes three stage pre-treatment through sediment and carbon filters, Reverse Osmosis treatment, final treatment with carbon filter for taste and UV sterilizer as the sixth stage. It also features Hidrotek / Filmtec membranes and a 10L steel tank and available in 200litres/day per day output.

Bundled with Power Surge Protector ( AVS13)

Dayliff power controllers are quality products used in various applications. This includes monitoring the incoming power supply when outside pre-set limits disconnect the equipment, reconnecting on return of normal power after a start-up delay to protect against damaging power-back surges. The controllers are fitted with LED lights indicating the power status and installation couldn't be simpler. All controllers offer complete and reliable protection against the damage caused by fluctuating power and are essential accessories for all environments where there is a risk of inconsistent power supply

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