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  • DSD 3/30 2.2kW 1PH Borehole Pump

DSD 3/30 2.2kW 1PH Borehole Pump


Quality Well Pump

Manufactured by Dayliff

KSh 79,808

Price is inclusive of 16% VAT

Dayliff DSD range of Submersible Multistage centrifugal pumps are specially designed for domestic and small scale water supply from wells and boreholes. Material of construction include polycarbonate impellers and diffusers, cast iron delivery and suction chambers and AISI 304 stainless steel pump housing, shaft and shaft coupling. These quality materials together with the polycarbonate impellers provide the pumps with excellent sand handling capabilities for a longer life. DSD 3/7, 3/10, 3/13 and 3/18 are supplied complete with 30m cable and control box.


The pump is coupled to a sealed liquid cooled 2-pole asynchronous squirrel-cage motor constructed of stainless steel. Single phase motors should be supplied with purpose designed Dayliff SCM control boxes for operation and protection against overload, dry running and over/under voltage. Three phase motors require a remote DOL starter; A DAYLIFF SCT electronic Pump Controller is recommended for comprehensive pump control including low level, motor overload and irregular power supply protection.

Enclosure Class:IP68
Insulation Class: B
Speed: 2850rpm


Pumped liquid: Thin, clean, chemically non-aggressive liquids with a max. sand content of 0.25%

Max. Water temperature: +35 C
Max. immersion depth: 150m
Min. borehole diameter: 110m

ModelPowerVoltage(V)Current (A)IStart / IDN (")Dimensions (mm)Weight (kg)
DSD 3/70.370.51x2403.7441071710
DSD 3/100.550.754.751786112
DSD 3/130.7516.2568 920 14 
DSD 3/181.11.58673106517
DSD 3/302.23151047156427
DSD 3/403481341192332
DSD 3/5045.5101604226138

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