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  • Dayliff DDA 1200C

Dayliff DDA 1200C


Quality Well Pump

Manufactured by Dayliff

KSh 27,800

Price is inclusive of 16% VAT

DAYLIFF DDA submersible multistage centrifugal pumps are designed for pumping clean, non-aggressive water in various domestic and light duty applications. They are particularly suitable for wells and boreholes, though can also be used for water transfer from tanks, irrigation and pressure boosting applications as an alternative to a conventional dry mounted pump. A particular design feature is the jacketed motor arrangement which provides excellent cooling and allows the pump to work semi-submerged. The pumps’ design features single mechanical seal in an intermediate oil chamber for greater pump reliability and pump construction is Polypropylene impellers and diffusers and stainless steel pump casing. Pumps can be fitted with a pressure controller for automatic operation.

DDA1200C is fitted with a low level float switch with adjustment clamp and an inbuilt capacitor for simplified installation and is particularly suitable to well and tank applications.

DDA900C is particularly suited to borehole applications and is supplied with an external control box which incorporates an isolator, run indicator light, thermal overload protection and starting capacitor which can be connected directly to mains power. The box is also provided with auxiliary terminals for control probes, pressure switch or float switch. All pumps are supplied complete with 20m cable.


Enclosed and rewindable liquid cooled, non-overloading induction motor designed for continuous operations incorporating a thermal cut-out in the windings to protect against overloading. The pump can be connected directly to the mains power supply through a 10A fuse or MCB.

Enclosure Class X8
Voltage 1 X 240V
Insulation Class B
Speed 2900rpm
Operating Conditions
Pumped Liquid Thin, clean, chemically non aggressive liquids without abrasive particles or fibres
Maximum Fluid Temperature +35C
Max Partical Size 1.5mm
Maximum immersion depth 7M
Pump Information
Model DDA 1200C
Power (HP) 1.5
Power (kW) 0.92
Maximum Operating Current (A) 5
Outlet 1"
Dimensions (mm) - H 487
Dimensions (mm) - W 128
Weight (kg) 12

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