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  • Dayliff DDP 60E (Econo)

Dayliff DDP 60E (Econo)


High Quality Booster Pump

Manufactured by Dayliff

KSh 4,900

Price is inclusive of 16% VAT

The Dayliff DDP peripheral pump is specially designed for all small scale domestic and commercial water supply uses. It is of high specification peripheral featuring copper windings, a high capacity motor and stainless steel housing inserts to ensure free impeller movement. The pump body is manufactured from cast iron and impeller from brass.

DDPE60E is of lighter construction and does not feature stainless steel housing inserts

Pumps are close coupled to reliable TEFC electric motors designed for continuous operation and are provided with a thermal cutout to protect against electrical overload. They can be connected directly to the mains power supply through a 10A fuse or MCB.

Enclosure Class IP44
Voltage 1 X 240V
Insulation Class F
Speed 2900rpm
Operating Conditions
Pumped Liquid Thin, clean, chemically non-aggressive liquids without solid particles or fibres
Maximum Fluid Temperature +60 C
Maximum Ambient Temperature +40 C
Maximum Suction Lift 7m at sea level
Pump Information
Model DDP 60
Power (kW) 0.37
Maximum Operating Current (A) 2.5
Dimensions - DN1 1"
Dimensions - DN2 1"
Dimensions (mm) - L 265
Dimensions (mm) - H 151
Dimensions (mm) - W 118
Weight (kg) 5.3

The Dayliff DDP60E features slightly lower performance and specification. It has no stainless-steel insert and features a lighter motor casing and pump body design with the same insultation class. It weighs 4.4kg and is offered with a 2-year warranty (1 year full warranty and 2nd year 50%)

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