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  • Dayliff AVS 30A

Dayliff AVS 30A


Premium Power Protection

Manufactured by Dayliff

KSh 5,429

Price is inclusive of 16% VAT

Dayliff power controllers are quality products used in various applications. This includes monitoring the incoming power supply when outside pre-set limits disconnect the equipment, reconnecting on return of normal power after a start-up delay to protect against damaging power-back surges. The controllers are fitted with LED lights indicating the power status and installation couldn't be simpler. All controllers offer complete and reliable protection against the damage caused by fluctuating power and are essential accessories for all environments where there is a risk of inconsistent power supply.

Switch Information
Max Load 30A Single Phase
Reconection time User adjustable upto 10mins
Protection High voltage, Low voltage, Power Back surges, Surges/Spikes, Lightning
Applications All electrical and electronic equipment, complete office and home circuits, direct wire connected
Dimensions & Weights
Dimension(mm) L 230
Dimension(mm) W 134
Dimension(mm) H 54
Weight (kg) 0.6

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