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Circulator Pump

Manufactured by Grundfos

KSh 82,650

Price is inclusive of 16% VAT

GRUNDFOS Alpha2 is a revolutionary variable speed controlled circulator pump designed for hot water circulation in heating, cooling and solar applications. The pump is provided with a number of unique features:

  • Variable Speed inverter technology that enables the pump to selectively operate on a constant curve, proportional pressure where pressure is adjusted according to heat demand and constant pressure where pressure remains constant irrespective of system demand.
  • Three selectable speeds so the pump performance can be matched to system requirements.
  • Fully automatic AUTOADAPT function which continuously adjusts pump output to system demand and thus optimises energy consumption.
  • Display indicating power consumption and flow as well as alarm and warning conditions.

Pump construction is cast iron for the pump housing, stainless steel for the rotor can and composite plastic for the impeller. Pumps are supplied complete with BSP union connections and insulating shells.

Enclosure Class X4D
Voltage 1 X 240V
Insulation Class F
Operating Conditions
Pumped Liquid Thin, clean non-aggressive liquids without solid particles or fibres
Liquid Temperature +2C to +110C, though a maximum of +65C is recommended for optimal system efficiency.
Maximum Ambient Temperature +80C
Maximum Operating Pressure 10Bar
Minimum Inlet Pressure Upto +75C - 0.05Bar, upto +90C - 0.3Bar, Upto +110C - 1Bar
Installations Pumps must be installed with the pump shaft horizontal, vertical water flow and the plug connection pointing downwards
Dimensions & Weights
Weight (kg) 2.1
Pump Information
Dimensions (mm) - E 104
Maximum Operating Current (A) 0.32A
Motor Rating (W) 34
Dimension(mm) D 36
Dimension(mm) A 121
Dimension(mm) B 89
Dimension(mm) C 52
Dimensions (mm) - H 180

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