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Water pumps and related equipment provide a much needed service but only when they are properly installed, operated and serviced. At Davis & Shirtliff we offer a comprehensive service backup manned by a team of experienced engineers, well trained master technicians and a fully equipped workshop. The service function comprises three main areas: field service, service contracts and workshop facility.


Service Contracts

There are considerable advantages to be gained from having equipment inspected and tested regularly by experts. The costs of such preventive maintenance can be recouped by avoiding catastrophic breakdowns with the attendant inconvenience and/or loss of earnings that often accompanies the failure of equipment. As part of the service contracts we offer, we inspect the existing equipment and make recommendations for improvements and/or modifications to facilitate testing and identification of potential problems. We also carry out routine tests on the equipment every three months and submit a report detailing the condition of the equipment with recommendations on what needs to be done. In the course of a contract when we receive a report that the equipment is not working, we immediately send a qualified technician to check the equipment at no extra charge. There is no limit to the number of such emergency visits in any one year. In addition, knowing in advance that emergency breakdowns will be attended to under the agreement ensures that operating costs can be budgeted more accurately and help to avoid unexpected expenses if the equipment fails.

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