Sunny Inverters

SMA Solar Technology is a global leader in the development, production and sales of PV inverters and offers innovative key technologies for PV power supply solutions.

SMA has an extensive range of products, offering suitable inverters for all module types and plant sizes from small residential systems up to largescale plants, grid-connected installations as well as standalone and backup systems. Plant monitoring and visualization products as well as energy management solutions complete the portfolio.

PV Inverters: SMA PV Inverters are transformerless inverters with two MPP trackers that converts the direct current of the PV array to grid compliant alternating current and feeds it into the utility grid. Two primary models are available; the Sunny Boy, a single phase inverter ideal for residential and small commercial systems and the Sunny Tripower, a three phase inverter developed for mid to large scale commercial and industrial plants.

Battery Inverters: The Sunny Island Inverters are battery inverters suitable for off-grid or battery backup applications. Together with the battery array, the Sunny Island forms an independent AC power grid accessible to both energy suppliers and consumers.

SMA offers various monitoring and control accessories including:

  • The SMA Energy Meter for optimal energy monitoring, effective load and battery management.
  • The Sunny Home Manager that allows the user to identify and optimize energy consumption habits by monitoring and analysing all energy flows in the home.
  • The Sunny Remote Control unit for control and visualization unit for Sunny Island Systems allowing remote monitoring and commissioning of the inverters
  • The SMA Cluster Controller functions as the central communication unit for system monitoring, recording data and controlling large-scale PV plants.

The SMA range of inverters are proven and dependable designs using the latest technology to give exceptional levels of performance, economy and reliability. They are market leading products and are suitable for a wide range of applications.


Model Sunny Boy PV String Inverter (1Phase) PV SUNNY TRIPOWER Grid Feed Inverter (3 Phase) SUNNY ISLAND PV Battery Inverter
SB 2.5 SB 5000 STP 5000TL STP 8000TL STP 20000TL STP 25000TL SI 6.0H SI 8.0H
Input (DC)
Max. DC / AC Power 2,650W  5250W 5100W 8200W 20450W 25550W    
Max DC Voltage 600V  750V 1000V 1000V 1000V 1000V 63V 63V
MPP Voltage Range 260V - 500V  175V-500V 245V-800V 330V-800V 320V-800V 390V-800V 48V-/41V-63V 48V-/41V-63V
Max. Input Current 10A  15A 11A 15A 33A 33A 110A (Charging) 140A (Charging)
Output (AC)
Rated Power, 50Hz  2,500W 4600W 5000W 8000W 20000W 25000W 4600W 6000W
Max. Apparent AC Power 2,500VA  5000VA 5000VA 8000VA 20000VA 25000VA 6000W (30min) 8000W (30min)
Nominal AC Voltage 240V  240V 240V 240V 400V 400V 200-250V 200-250V
Nominal AC Voltage Range 180V - 280V  180V - 280V  160V - 280V 160V - 280V 320V-480V 320V-480V    
Rated Power Frequency / Rated Grid Voltage 50Hz / 230V  50Hz / 230V  50Hz / 230V  50Hz / 230V  50Hz / 415V  50Hz / 415V  50Hz / 230V  50Hz / 230V 
Max. Output Current 11A  22A 7.3A 11.6A 29A 36A 120A 120A
Max. Efficiency 97.20%  97% 98% 98% 98.5% 98.1% 95% 95%
General Data
Dimension, mm(LxMxH) 460x357x122 490x519x185 470x730x240 470x730x240 665x680x265 661x682x265 467x612x242 467x612x242
Weight 9.2kg  26kg 37kg 37kg 45kg 61kg 63kg 63kg
Topology / Cooling Concept Transformerless / Convection  Transformerless / Opticoo  Transformerless / Opticoo  Transformerless / Opticoo  Transformerless / Opticoo  Transformerless / Opticoo