GRUNDFOS SP submersible pumps are designed specifically for borehole supply applications. They are of multistage centrifugal impeller design and all parts are made from stainless steel with water lubricated rubber bearings. A submersible motor is fitted beneath the pump and suction is effected through a strainer between the pump and motor.

Standard pumps are designed for the pumping of non-aggressive water. 'N and R' versions are available for applications requiring a higher degree of corrosion resistance.

All SP pumps carry a drinking water approval and meet European Minimum Efficiency Index guidelines

The pump is coupled to a sealed, liquid cooled 2-pole asynchronous GRUNDFOS motor constructed of stainless steel with ceramic bearings. All motors are also fitted with a built-in sensor which monitors running temperatures. When fitted with the patented GRUNDFOS MP 204 control unit protection is provided against dry running, mechanical motor defects, excessive motor running temperature and irregular power supply. The fitting of MP204unit is recommended for motor control and monitoring and also extended motor life.

Note that irrespective of the fitting of MP 204 control unit a remote starter is required. Due to the low starting torques of submersible motors it is recommended that Direct-on-Line starters are used on motor sizes up to 22kW. Motors above this size should use a soft start arrangement. 

Enclosure Class: IP58
Insulation Class: F
Voltage: 3x415V
Speed: 2900rpm


Pumped Liquid: Thin, clean chemically non-aggressive liquids without solid particles or fibres.
Max. Liquid Temperature: +40°C
Max. Water Depth: 600m
Min. Borehole Diameter: 200mm - MS6/MMS6000, 254mm - MMS8000, 268mm - MMS10000


Model Motor Full Load Current (A) Istart/I Motor Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
kW HP A B C D E*
SP 160-3 37 50 85 5.1 MMS6000 2275 1312 963 143 211 165
SP 160-4 55 73 112 5.9 MMS8000 2469 1350 1119 192 218 245
SP 160-6 75 100 152 5.8 MMS8000 3021 1590 1431 192 218 302
SP 160-8 92 123 186 5.9 MMS8000 3573 1830 1743 192 218 360
SP 160-10 132 176 270 5.7 MMS10000 4273 1870 2403 237 237 544
SP 160-12 147 196 320 6.2 MMS10000 4784 2070 2714 237 237 621

E*=Maximum diameter of the pump inclusive of cable guard and motor