So~Safe Purification Products


Wound Polypropylene Yarn: The standard cartridge for removal of sediment and particles down to the specified mesh size. Suitable for solvents, oils, acids, alkalis and brine as well as other potable liquids. Available in 0.5,1,5, 25 and 50 micron meshes.
Double Density Polypropylene Yarn: Double wound yarn to provide 10 micron first stage and 1 micron second stage filtration. This achieves three times the filtration capacity of a standard cartridge and is suitable for lower flow, higher turbidity applications.
Spun Polypropylene: The spun melded polypropylene fibres provide a homogenous material structure and are ideal for ultra-pure filtration applications to 1micron where leaching of filter material must be avoided.
Pleated Polypropylene: Made from pleated polypropylene, these cartridges are ideal for high flow potable water applications due to the enlarged filtration surface area. They provide fine sediment filtration to 0.2 micron and are ideal for final polishing filtration before UV treatment.

: The finely pored ceramic diatomaceous material provides ultra-filtration to 0.4 micron for the removal of fine particles and is particularly suitable for the removal of micro-organisms and bacteria thus reducing the risk of water borne diseases. Particles are retained on the cartridge surface, which can be cleaned by scrubbing.
Iodinated Resin: The cartridge uses specially formulated iodinated resin combined with granulated activated carbonfor removal of tastes and odours as well as bacteria. A 5 micron polypropylene post treatment filter is also included.

Granular Activated Carbon
: A granular activated carbon filter using acid washed coconut shell based activated carbon and suitable for the removal of chlorine, organic chemicals, insecticides, pesticides and herbicides as well as unpleasant taste and odours. A 1micron polypropylene post treatment sediment filter is also included.
Silver Granular Activated Carbon: For similar applications to Carbon cartridges, though with silver impregnation to inhibit bacterial growth for uses where bacteria is a concern. A 5 micron polypropylene post treatment filter is also included.
Dual Sediment/Carbon: A standard polypropylene sediment cartridge combined with a carbon core providing twostage filtration for the removal of particles, chlorine, organic chemicals, taste and odours. Available in 1 micron and 5 micron specifications.
Phosphate Crystal GAC: A specialised media cartridge containing phosphate beads, acid washed coconut shell based granular activated carbon and hexametaphosphate crystals. The filter is highly effective in blocking scale build up in pipes and water heaters.
Cation Resin: A food-grade resin filled cartridge with an integral 1micron post-treatment screening filter for small-scale water softening application by ion exchange. Cartridges are provided with a manual regeneration kit which uses common table salt. Resin softening capacity is 50,000ppm and the volume of softened water will depend upon raw water hardness. For a hardness of 100ppm CaCO3 capacity is approx 500 litres, capacities being proportional to the hardness level. For 3 optimal operation it is recommend that the softener cartridge is used in a twin body configuration with a 5 micron first stage pre-filter.
Anion Resin: A food-grade anion resin filter cartridge for deionization and de-mineralisation with an integral 1 micron post-treatment screening filter. Manual regeneration kits for use with sodium hydroxide/caustic soda are provided and capacities and operation is similar to water softening cartridges.
Activated Alumina: A non-regenerable cartridge for the removal of Fluoride, Arsenic and heavy metals including Lead and Copper using Activated Alumina media. The spherical ball media structure provides for efficient absorption by maximizing contact time and is effective in reducing fluoride levels. 

Ref No. Size Type Application Mesh



DxH (mm)

Max Flow









WPP10 10” Wound Polypropylene Yarn Sediment 0.5,1 62x250 500 500C 6  
WPP10 10” Wound Polypropylene Yarn Sediment 5,25,50 62x250 1,000 500C 6  
WPP20 20” Wound Polypropylene Yarn Sediment 5.5,1 62x510 1,000 500C 6  
WPP20 20” Wound Polypropylene Yarn Sediment 5,25 62x510 2,000 500C 6  
SPP10 10” Spun Polypropylene Sediment 1 63x250 500 600C 6  
SPP20 20” Spun Polypropylene Sediment 1 63x510 1,000 600C 6  
WPP10G 10” Double Density Wound Yarn Sediment 10/1 65x250 500 500C 6  
WB10 10” Pleated Polypropylene Bacteria, Sediment 0.35,0.2 63x250 200 500C 6  
CRE4 4” Ceramic Bacteria Cysts and Sediment 0.4 50x125 400 500C 6 5,000L
CRE10 10” Ceramic Bacteria Cysts and Sediment 0.4 50x250 400 500C 6 12,000L
IR10 10” Iodinated Resin Bacteria, taste and odour 1 50x250 300 400C 6 25,000L
GAC10 10” Granular Activated Carbon Most organic chemicals, chlorine, insecticides,

pesticides, herbicides, taste and odour

1 75x250 500 500C 6 37,500L
GAC20 20” Granular Activated Carbon Most organic chemicals, chlorine, insecticides,

pesticides, herbicides, taste and odour

1 75x250 1,000 500C 6 10,000L
SGAC10 10” Silver Granular Activated


Most organic chemicals, chlorine, insecticides,

pesticides, herbicides, taste and odour

Inhibits growth of bacteria within the filter


5 75x250 400 500C 12 20,000L
DPC10 10” Dual Sediment/Carbon Core Sediment, taste and odour 1 65x250 400 500C 6 50,000ppm
DPC20 20” Dual Sediment/Carbon Core Sediment, taste and odour 1 65x510 1000 500C 6 50,000ppm
WS10 10” Cation Resin Softening 1 75x250 200 500C 12 10,000ppm
DA10 10” Anion Resin Deionizing 1 75x250 80 500C 12 20,000ppm
AA10 10” Activated Alumina Fluorides, arsenic, heavy metals 20 75x250 400 500C 3-4  
AA20 20” Activated Alumina Fluorides, arsenic, heavy metals 20 75x510 900 500C 3-4  
UF10 10” Ultrafiltration Bacteria, viruses, cysts and sediment 0.02 75x250 600 500C  6  
PC10 10” Phosphate Activated Carbon Block scale build up in pipes and water heaters 1 75x250 500 600C  4-6  



Type Max








DxH (mm)

10” Clear Housing 5 Bar 500C 1.1 130x320 ¾” NPT
10” Blue Housing 8 Bar 650C 1.1 130x320 ¾” NPT
20” Clear Housing 5 Bar 500C 2.5 140x520 ¾” NPT
20” Blue Housing 8 Bar 650C 2.5 140x570 ¾” NPT

Filter bodies are manufactured from strong non-corroding and inert polypropylene plastic and feature a simple screwed filter housing and push button air bleed. Mounting options include in-line to an incoming supply or tap connected, a special tap connection kit, including a swivel outlet faucet and tap connection hose with diverter valve, being available as an accessory. Various filter body alternatives are available as follows:

STANDARD BODIES: Available for either 10'' or 20'' cartridge sizes. Two body housing options are available, either transparent or blue, and mounting brackets are available as an accessory if required. Bodies are sold without cartridges, these being selected according to application.
MULTIBODIES: Multibody arrangements are available for series filtration using 10'' or 20'' bodies in either twin or triple connection configuration. All units are provided with a mounting bracket as standard though without cartridges. Suggested cartridgecombinations for domestic supply are as follows:-
Dual Body - 5 micron Wound Yarn sediment cartridge first stage and Granular Activated Carbon cartridge second stage.
Triple Body - 25 micron Wound Yarn sediment cartridge first stage, 5 micron Wound Yarn sediment cartridge second stage and Granular Activated Carbon cartridge third stage.
COUNTER TOPS: The units are supplied as kits complete with all accessories necessary for tap connection, two options being available as follows:-
Regular - Includes a 10” Standard transparent housing body with base mount, 5 micron Sediment cartridge, outlet faucet and rubber bulb type tap connector.
Deluxe - Includes a special slim-line white filter body with inverted housing for simplified cartridge replacement, Dual Sediment/Carbon cartridge, and a tap connection kit including chromed swivel faucet and tap connector hose with brass diverter valve.

The Ceramic Tap filter is designed for on-demand purification of municipal water and is supplied with suitable fittings for quick and easy attachment to the kitchen faucet. It features a unique high efficiency ceramic cartridge providing 4-stage treatment including ceramic filtration for removal of fine suspended solids to 0.9 micron, carbon block filtration for removal of unpleasant taste and odour, calcium sulfite balls to balance pH for a crisp, refreshing taste and finally anti bacterial nano-silver purification for removal of bacteria and polishing to 0.01micron. The cartridge is washable and can last for up to 6 months in regular use.

Reverse Osmosis is a treatment process for the removal of all dissolved solids and bacteria to provide totally pure water by pressurization through a semi permeable membrane. The unique So-Safe RO Water Purifier combines the benefits of this process with four other stages of treatment to provide totally pure water for domestic and small-scale applications. These include First stage sediment filtration by pretreatment through a 5micron sediment cartridge, Second stage Granular Activated Carbon cartridge treatment to remove taste and odour, Third stage Carbon Block cartridge treatment to polish the water, Fourth stage Reverse Osmosis using a low pressure composite thin film membrane and Fifth stage inline Carbon treatment to remove any remaining taste or odour. Other features include an in-built feed pump, a pressure switch for pump control and a 15L feed tank for automatic on-demand supply.

Model Daily






Max Input



Chlorine Level



Feed Water




SSRO75 250L 15% >95% 2000ppm 0.5ppm 350 C 1.5-6Bar 200X365X480
SSRO 150 500L 230X370X470


Model Max Flow Rate (L/Hr) Max Temp °C Max




UV Lamp Lamp Life (hrs)
Size (W) Dose (mW sec/cm²)
Dallas Plus UV 200 35 4 9 50,000 10,000
Three-in-One 500 35 4 9 50,000 10,000
Triple UV 10” 700 35 4 18 50,000 10,000
Triple UV 20” 1800 35 4 18 50,000 10,000

Where there is risk of viral or bacteriological contamination treatment by Ultra Violet is the effective way to ensure safe, pure water. Ultra Violet is a well established and effective technique for water sterilization, the water passing through an enclosed chamber where it is exposed to Ultra Violet light. This process protects against legionella, salmonella and salmonella typhosa, faecal coliform, staphylococcus, bacteriophage, e-coli, influenza, poliomyelitis, hepatitis, streptococcus and dysentery bacilli and is a simple and economical method for providing clean potable water. Standard UV units available include:-

Dallas Plus UV : The Dallas Plus UV sterilizer provides treatment for small flow rate domestic applications. UV sterilization is carried out inside a specially designed chamber, a separately mounted control module being provided for connection of the unit to the power source. The unit is designed for in-line connection to the water supply, with hose connectors and wall brackets for simple and convenient under-sink installation. It is recommended for use with a dual multibody for sediment and activated carbon filtration pre-treatment.

Three-in-One UV : A specially designed housing provides both pre-treatment and UV sterilization inside a single 10'' Standard filter body. Treatment includes pre-filtration for the removal of sediment, odour and organic chemicals through a wound yarn. sediment/carbon core cartridge followed by UV post-treatment to give pure, pleasant tasting, potable, crystal clear water. Features of the unit include a control module with indicator light and mounting bracket and it can be connected either inline or to a tap using a tap connection kit.

Triple UV : The ultimate domestic Ultra Violet treatment unit where increased pre-treatment is required. The unit combines a high capacity Ultra Violet unit with standard integrated control module incorporated into the filter body connected in series with two additional filter bodies to provide sediment and activated carbon pre-treatment. The Triple UV includes all features of the Three-in-One and can also be mounted either in-line or tap connected. Combined with the recommended cartridge specification of a first stage 5micron Sediment cartridge and second stage Carbon cartridge it provides exceptional treated water quality.

All UV units are provided with a control unit featuring a “power on” indicator and an LED monitor which changes colour to indicate correct UV operation. Additional safety features include connections for a solenoid valve (not supplied) to stop flow in the event of lamp failure and a built in flow restrictor to ensure the design flow capacity is not exceeded.

Manual Water Softener
Manual water softeners are designed for small scale water softening applications, the unit including two filter bodies, one containing an ion exchange resin cartridge and the other regeneration salt. Regeneration is effected by rotation of a three way valve which directs the water flow to the salt body thus passing concentrated salt solution through the resin.The unit is designed to operate with raw water <250ppm TDS at a maximum flow rate of 200l/hr and resin softening capacity is approx 300,000ppm. For raw water hardness of 100ppm CaCO3 output between regenerations is about 3000 litres, actual capacity being proportional to the prevailing hardness level.