Opti SP Premium Grid Tie

The Opti Premium is a multi-functional Grid Connect Inverter, combining the functions of an inverter, a solar charger and a battery charger to offer uninterrupted power support with compact design. The inverter is able to operate as a grid-tie, with or without batteries, off-grid with battery storage and as a power backup on mains failure due to the energy storage, capacity being dependent on the load and back-up time.

The Opti Premium Grid Tie Inverter which is available in 20kW and 30kW, is a true hybrid solar inverter that offers energy storage. Salient features include:

Pure sine wave output of 3-phase
Programmable supply priority for PV system, battery or grid
Programmable multiple operation modes: grid-tie, off-grid and grid-tie with backup
Monitoring software for real-time status display and control
Parallel operation up to 9 units for SP5000 Brilliant, 6 units for SP 10000/20000 Premium and 4 units for SP30000 Premium.

Technical Specifications

Model SP5000 Brilliant SP10000 Premium SP20000 Premium SP30000 Premium
Rated Output Power, kW 5kW  10kW 20kW 30kW
Maxmimum Charging Power, kW
Maximum DC Input Power, kW 5kW 15kW 30kW  
Nominal DC Voltage/Maximum DC Voltage 120VDC/430VDC 720VDC/900VDC 720VDC/950VDC
Start-up Voltage/Initial Feeding Voltage 120VDC/450VDC 320VDC/350VDC 500VDC/550VDC
MPPT Voltage Range 120VDC/430VDC 400VDC/800VDC 700VDC - 900VDC
Number of MPP Trackers/Maximum Input Current 1/22 2/18.6A 1/48A 1/72A
Nominal Output Voltage Range, VAC 230VAC 230VAC(p/N), 400VDC(P/P)
Output Voltage Range   184-265VAC per phase
Output AC Current 22A 134A per phase   29A per phase 43.5A per phase
Maximum Charging Current 88A 200A 50A 80A
Nominal Battery Voltage 48VDC 384VDC
Peak Efficiency 90%  91% 93% 95%
Parallel-able Yes  Yes No Yes
Dimensions (DxWxH), mm 120x295x468 167x500x622 559x620x909 715x430x1021
Net Weight, kg 11 45 120 223