Hydro Multi E

Grundfos Hydro Multi E booster systems are designed for water pressure boosting in residential, institutional and commercial installations with multiple consumer outlets. Pumps are fitted with variable speed control motors which enable the system to provide constant output pressure whatever the demand. All sets are complete and ready for installation including a pair of high efficiency Grundfos CME horizontal multi stage pumps that incorporate an integral frequency converter all frame mounted together with valves, sensors, diaphragm tank and control cabinet.

Sensors in the delivery pipe monitor system pressure and adjust speed to provide the demand flow at the constant pre-set pressure. Pumps operate in parallel with the second pump cutting in as demand rises thus ensuring maximum efficiency operation, extended pump life and silent running.

Systems are controlled by a controller that features digital displays on pump, as well as system operation and fault indicator lights and provides the following functions:-

  • Pump sequence control ensuring that system demand is met in the most efficient way as well as an auto pump changeover to equalise operating hours.
  • Dry run protection by float or pressure switch with selectable auto restart.
  • Protection functions including max number of starts per hour, minimum cycle times, over pressure and motor over current.


Pump Voltage (V) Power (kW) Nominal Flow (m3/bar) Set Pressure (bar) Tank Size (L) DN Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
L H1 H2 W
CME3 -5 3 X 415 2X1.1 9 4 8 2" 700 409 499 664 98
CME3 -7 2X1.5 9 6 8 2" 424 514 716 124
CME5 -4 2X1.5 13 4 18 2" 431 514 663 127
CME5 -6 2X2.2 13 6 18 2" 514 717 138
CME10-3 2X5.5 33 4 24 2½" 499 613 695 197
CME10-4 2X5.5 31 6 24 2½" 613 726 199