GRUNDFOS DWK waste water pumps are specially designed for heavy-duty drainage and de-watering requirements in applications including construction sites, mines, quarries, etc. All pumps are fitted with semi-open impellers for efficiency and effective solids passing performance. They are of exceptionally robust design and are manufactured using the highest quality materials to ensure reliability in the harshest operating conditions. Also the pumps' slim design suits both temporary and permanent installations and makes them easy to handle, transportable and simple to install.

Materials of construction are high chrome stainless steel for the impellers and cast iron for the pump casings and other hydraulic components. Heavy duty dual mechanical seals are fitted and all pumps are supplied with 10m of cable.

The extensive GRUNDFOS DWK pump range covers a wide selection of duties, the five models details being standard stock lines. Other models and specifications are available to special order to suit different pumping applications.

Pumps are fitted with integral squired cage two pole induction motors designed for continuous operation provided the pump is fully submerged in water. A bimetallic thermal contact switch is incorporated in the windings for additional protection, though all models should be provided with a remote starter with overload protection

Insulation Class: F (155°C)
Voltage: 3 x 415V
Speed: 2900rpm
Enclosure Class:IP68

Operating Conditions
Pumped Liquid: Thin chemically non-aggressive liquids containing solids up to the specified particle size.
Temperature Range: 0°C-40°C
pH range: 4-10
Max Immersion Depth: 25m


Model Power (kW) Starter Type Operating Current (A) Dimensions (mm) Max. Particle Size (mm) Weight (kg)
A B C Outlet
DWK 50.15 1.5 DOL 3.6 478 202 231 50 6 41
DWK 80.22 2.2 DOL 5.1 498 202 231 80 6 45
DWK 80.37 3.7 DOL 8.2 680 234 286 80 10 81
DWK 100.55 5.5 DOL 11.9 709 302 353 100 13 110
DWK 150.110 11 YD 23 754 302 353 150 13 190


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