Davey Silensor

DAVEY SILENSOR SL super-quiet swimming pool pumps are market leading products that take pool pumping technology to a new level. Consider these features:-

  • Liquid cooled motor providing even cooling in the hottest of conditions; elimination of a cooling fan and the absorption provided by the water flow around the motor shell results in super quiet operation.
  • Plastic construction for all external components providing a long totally corrosion free life that is especially beneficial in humid conditions.
  • High efficiency hydraulic design featuring a clamped impeller with exceptional air handling and priming performance.
  • Automatic 'Dry Run' protection that stops the pump when there is no water flow.
  • Simple to open high capacity leaf baskets.
  • Two basic models are available, SLS and SLL. SLL models feature an enlarged 4.5 Litre basket for extended intervals between cleaning.

DAVEY SILENSOR PRO is an advance energy efficient pump with intelligent state of the art infinity variable speed AC motor that particularly provides even lower noise levels and lower operating costs, as well as the superior features enjoyed by all Silensor pumps PRO includes:-

  • Variable speed motor adjustable from 1050rpm to 3100 rpm with user friendly selectable speed dial
  • Waterproof R545 communication port for connection to external controls and features
  • Multi coloured LED indicator light for operating conditions and warnings
  • Bluetooth capability for daily and weekly programing

Pumps are provided with an integral water cooled motor with built in thermal overload protection and can be directly connected to mains power supply through a fuse or MCB. PRO pump motors include fully variable speed drive. These exceptional feature combined with the traditional DAVEY values of dependable construction and manufacturing quality make Silensor pumps the very best available for all swimming pool applications.

Enclosure Class: IP54
Insulation Class: F
Voltage: 1x240V

Pumped liquid: Thin, clean, chemically non aggressive liquids without solids or fibres
Maximum Water Temperature:+40°C
Maximum Ambient Temperature:+50°C
Maximum Suction Lift: 7.5m (at sea level)
Noise Levels: 54dBA-56dBA


Model Speed (rpm) Power (W) Current (A) DN1/DN2 (mm) Weight (kg)
SLS100 2850 500 3.6 40 11
SLL200 800 4
SLL300 1000 5.9 50 13
SLL400 1200 0.4
PRO400 1050 120 1.2 63 15
1850 660 3.5
3100 1630 10.8