D&S Community Activities Newsletter - 2018

Community Activities 2018


Giving back to local communities has been a commitment of D&S since its founding in 1946 so as part of its recent 70th Anniversary celebrations, D&S took the opportunity to partner with key suppliers on Community Activities initiatives across the region.


Group CEO featured on the Kenya Engineer

An Interview - David Gatende Group C.E.O Davis and Shirtliff

Davis & Shirtliff Group CEO, David Gatende was recently featured on the Kenya Engineer Magazine. In the feature, Mr. Gatende highlights the significant contribution that the company is making to the country, major milestones achieved so far and the unique culture of Davis & Shirtliff of Altiora Peto, latin for I seek higher things.


Energy Savings & Optimised Control with VFD Systems

Energy Savings and Optimised Control with VFD Systems

In a traditional pump booster system one or more pumps are operated at all times based on a preset pressure value that is selected to meet the peak water demand. However, in most applications the pressure and flow requirements will vary depending on time of day or operating process. At times therefore the pumps may cycle on and off to meet low demands or when there are leaks in the system.


Davis & Shirtliff to launch the D&S GO App in January

Davis and Shirtliff to launch the D & S GO App in January

Currently an internal app for use available to a section of the staff, the D&S GO app started because Sales engineers needed to access the pricelist anywhere. The price list was initially only accessible on SharePoint and was quite static since any changes to the product prices would not be immediate. The app allowed user to access prices and stocks / inventory on their phone realtime and also when offline allow for the app to be used even in the field where the mobile network many not be as strong.