Davis & Shirtliff to launch the D&S GO App in January

Davis and Shirtliff to launch the D & S GO App in January

Currently an internal app for use available to a section of the staff, the D&S GO app started because Sales engineers needed to access the pricelist anywhere. The price list was initially only accessible on SharePoint and was quite static since any changes to the product prices would not be immediate. The app allowed user to access prices and stocks / inventory on their phone realtime and also when offline allow for the app to be used even in the field where the mobile network many not be as strong.


Branch Managers' conference

Davis and Shirtliff Branch Managers Conference

The third Branch Managers' conference recently took place at the D&S Training Centre at Head Office. With a similar theme to this year's Management Conference, "D&S 2020: Reaching the Next Level", the event brought together the 35 Kenyan branch managers and included the branch managers outside of Kenya via video link.


Nairobi Stockist Gala Dinner

Nairobi Stockists Gala Dinner

The annual Nairobi Stockists Gala Dinner has recently taken place in the ballroom of the Laico Regency in central Nairobi with over 80 of the country's largest distribution partners in attendance. The evening was hosted by Business Development and Marketing Director Edward Davis who welcomed the guests and appraised them of the various new D&S products and solutions available for 2018 and also held an open floor feedback session.


WG water treatment plant Commissioned in SA

Mike Rollinson South Africa WG water plant

A recent exciting development at Davis & Shirtliff HO has been the successfully shipment and installation of a 50WG water treatment plant for Mike Rollinson of Outlook Farm, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. The plant was sold by the business development team at Head Office under Patrick Mufwoya and Dayliff product specialist Timothy Kemboi.