4 important borehole maintenance tips

Borehole Maintenance Tips

Once a borehole pumping solution is installed by our highly professional team, it should be able to give you reliable trouble-free service for a long time.


Thank you for your applications

Thank you for your application for the Davis & Shirtliff CSR projects

We’ve received tonnes of applications (literally) from various institutions concerning our CSR projects in celebration of our 70th anniversary. We take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for taking the time to make the applications.


Equipping, Commissioning and Maintenance of boreholes - Part 2

Borehole Article Part 2 30032016

This is part 2 of the borehole equipping, commissioning and maintenance process. We covered part 1 earlier. You can revisit it by clicking here. Once we receive the Borehole Completion Record (BCR) from you, as issued by the local Water Resource Management Authority (WRMA) office, usually through the driller, we shall then use the information in it to make a proposal for the most suitable equipment for your borehole.


Water and Energy Solutions - Improving People’s Lives Through Job Creation

World Water Day

One of East Africa’s greatest challenges today is the lack of clean water and this has and continues to have a devastating effect on the economic growth. For disadvantaged people who need to spend a significant amount of time and energy each day fetching water which may not necessarily be safe to drink, the opportunity cost is substantial.


Nanyuki Branch Opening

Davis and Shirtliff Nanyuki Opening

2016’s first D&S branch opening took place in Nanyuki, the latest branch to join the Eastern cluster under executive Margaret Kuchio. The colourful event was extremely well attended with 55 guests invited but over 70 attending the day.