D&S Gakiriro Branch Opening

Gakiriro Branch Opening

D&S Rwanda under General Manager Joseph Wanene together with Group CEO David Gatende recently celebrated the establishment of the company's third branch in the country in Gakiriro, the capital's main commercial district. To mark the event, a customer event was held


D&S Ethiopia Celebrates 10 Years

Ethiopia Celebrates 10 Years

D&S Ethiopia has achieved an important milestone in reaching 10 years since its founding in 2008 by Directors Hailu Seifu and Dejene Woldemariam along with support from D&S Kenya. The company started in a small way but has in the intervening decade become an


D&S Solar Pumping Solutions

Solar Pumping Solutions

With the continued reduction in PV module prices and also advances in solar pumping technology, solar pumping has become the default solution for water supply in rural areas and D&S is the industry leader offering a comprehensive range of products for all solar pumping applications.