ISO Re-Certification

ISO Re Certification

The D&S Group has now been a continuous certificate holder of the ISO9001 Quality Management Standard since 2004 with the objective of maintaining world class standards in every aspect of operations. In the sixteen years since its first accreditation, the company has been re-certified in 2008, 2015, 2017 and now, in 2020, has been awarded the coveted and stringent ISO9001:2015 standard which requires

organizations to understand and plan to meet the needs and expectations of all stakeholders whilst addressing risks and opportunities in their operating environment. The latest certificate was recently presented in person by SGS's ISO Kenya Certification Manager Kioko Ndolo to Chairman Alec Davis and CEO David Gatende and provides externally audited evidence that D&S is an organization that is continuously improving and aiming for the highest standards to consistently deliver stakeholder expectations. The D&S ISO initiative is led by Group Internal Auditors Benard Karimi and Collins Otieno who lead a team of ISO champions responsible for applying standards in their respective areas.

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