From the Chairman - #127

From the Chairman 127

How the world has changed in just one month is quite extraordinary and to say that the present Covid pandemic is unprecedented is almost an understatement. Certainly since the end of World War II there has never been anything like it and I believe that this is a seminal event for the world which will have consequences for years to come. Possibly in many ways life as we knew it will never return and we will have to reorientate

for the new normal. As the situation is evolving by the day whatever today's situation is will certainly be history when this is read so I will not comment on the current status. Rather I hope and pray that Africa will be saved from the extreme infections in Europe, and there are some indications that this might happen, as our governments lack the resources for full support for the unemployed and the consequences may be far worse than the disease itself.

At present everyone is battling to come to terms with both managing the present and anticipating the future and that of course is the focus for D&S. As for all businesses we face severe financial and operational issues and I must deeply thank all staff for the exemplary way they are dealing with and adapting to the difficulties. Of course D&S's products and services providing water and energy solutions are perhaps even more important than in normal times and we continue to supply equipment throughout our extensive network. Two very important products are Chlorine, which are now supplying in bulk and Solar water pumps, which are vital equipment for fighting this scourge as water is a key element for disinfection and we are proud to be able to make our contribution.

The other area of focus is in our CSR activities and as I write we are involved in several initiatives. Particularly we are working with other partners including the Standard Group, Kengen and the Ruaraka Business community providing hand washing facilities in various places, especially in the informal settlement areas. We have also rehabilitated a borehole for a Kibera health clinic that is serving as a screening centre and we have donated chlorine to Nakuru County and the Uganda Ministry of Health for disinfection use. We are doing what we can to contribute using our particular expertise and will be expanding activities as needs are identified.

I conclude by passing my very best wishes to all D&S stakeholders, especially our dedicated staff in over 70 branches throughout the region. This terrible time will pass and some form of normality will return, though we have to pray that it is soon and the damage is not irreparable! I also want to express the Groups' support for all governments of the countries we working in as all are doing their best to protect their citizens and we must all support them in every way we can, especially by following the behaviour regulations and making whatever other contributions we can to our communities. Keep safe everyone and let's pray for a quick resolution of this curse.

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